How to donate to and support black communities and protestors — Tracking police violence against protestors — Learning about historical and systemic police violence against black Americans

Written May 26–mid June, 2020.

Supporting black communities

Where to donate and organizations to support (BY LOCATION AND COUNTRY)

Black creatives & black-owned businesses to support (BY LOCATION AND COUNTRY)

What's happening right now?

Examples of: Police escalating violence against protestors

Examples of: Police arresting journalists and preventing media coverage


Statistics and research on police violence and community impact

Other policing concepts: qualified immunity, militarization, police unions

To be added: Reading list and reading guides for 'The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in an Age of Colorblindness', and 'The End of Policing' by Alex S. Vitale

Frequently asked questions & concerns

Why are people donating to bail funds now? / Why do people want to end bail?

"I support peaceful protestors, but not violence and looting"

What are ways to reform the police? / What are the limitations of police reform?

What does defunding the police mean?